Giving Your Apartment Painting Therapy Also Helps You

Personalize your space by painting your door.

It is not only therapy for your apartment but also for your wellbeing within and……

the eyes of your visitors and friend when they come over to hang out and get lost in the trance of your mesmerizing painting!!!!!!!


Check this out below:

Soooooo, whatcha waiting for.  Get creatively busy with your paint job :).

Why Painters Should Draw More

4. JoAnneArtManaGallery.Com-Why Painters Should Draw MoreThis question is frequently asked, why do so several aspiring artists and even seasoned painters abandon drawing? The rudiments for both drawing and painting are alike. However, the most significant factor in drawing and painting is the ability to see. The artist after careful observation, must interpret the scene, and also record it on canvas or paper. This exercise is simplified with colored chalk, markers, and pencils for the reason that they are easier to control than paint and a brush.

For instance, I was born with a pencil in hand. But for some years, I have been remorseful of slacking-off on my drawing skills.

In recent times, could you believe, I was reminded that artists or painters should draw more and not less!

This point was echoed to me while painting in Ibadan with landscape artist, Jide Lawal. Jide is a master painter who originates every painting with a sketch and every so often a detailed drawing.

Whether you decides to draw by fast sketching the scene before you, or you systematically render a finished work on paper. Whether you are a plain air painter or studio painter, drawing will categorically improve your art.

Listed below are 10 reasons why artists or painters should paint more

  • So as to inspire the design.

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How Art Heals And Unites People: Jo Anne Art Mana Gallery.Com

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about art. Art has many wonderful benefits to health and in uniting people- tribes and community. Firstly, let’s talk on how art heals.

How does art heal?3. Art heals JoAnneArtManaGallery.Com Content and unites people

We were told by scientific studies that art heals by changing a person’s physiology and approach. Our body’s physiology modifies from one of pressure to one of deep relaxation, from one of fright to one of imagination and inspiration. Art affects an individual’s autonomic nervous system, art put an individual in a different brain wave pattern, person’s hormonal balance, and brain neurotransmitters.

Art affects every single cell in the body promptly to create a healing physiology that adjusts our immune system and blood current to all the organs. Art also immediately regulate somebody’s insights of their world. It changes the emotional state, attitude, and pain perception. Create expectation and positivity and as well help people deal with difficulties. Transform a person’s point of view and way of being in the world.

In actual fact it is now acknowledged by neurophysiologists that art, prayer and healing all originate from the same basis in the body, » Read more

BENEFITS OF ART By JoAnneArtManaGallery.Com

Most especially, children love art; it’s a perfect way for them to express themselves in a nonverbal and creative form.  The creative possibilities are limitless and go to the degree that their thoughts can take them.  Beside this tour, they travel around who they are and the world around them.  Most of all its entertaining!  Have you watched a little child with a tub of play dough, his or her box of colored chalk, or finger-paints? 2. JoAnneArtManaGallery.Com Content Benefits Of Art The joy of art endures into teen ages and is strengthened in schools.  Art can benefit to enhance self-esteem and improve generally the academic performance of students.

Why then if art has such a positive influence on our lives in our earlier years, has art been abandoned to be made the measure of our adult lives?  Most adults think, painting or » Read more

What Is Painting?

1. JoAnneArtManaGallery.Com Content-What Is Painting ArtDoes painting refer to a visual confrontation of oil on a cloth canvas outward? In point of fact, the term can be practical more broadly than that.

Painting as an art is a method of communicating emotions in a creative manner. Characteristically, painting is the practice of applying medium for instance color pigments or paint to surfaces such as paper, walls, canvas and glass. Applications can be carried out by means of objects like brushes. Painting in many ways, it can be used as trade among construction designers and handicrafts worker. Painting takes place in several forms. They can be collages or sketches/drawing. Diverse aesthetics can be used to symbolize the conceptual aim of the artist. Paintings can symbolize life, emotions, stories or nature of the landscape. However, painting as an art has » Read more